My Transformation

HUGE Announcement


As some of you may know I applied to a wonderful contest called The Ottawa Makeover Project. I had to write a little essay saying why I thought I would be a good applicant for the project as well as a video saying the same. Here is a copy of my application letter (I would have posted the video but it would only play on the left side)…….

Name: Johan Aaron Gruntke

Sex: Male

Age: 34 years old.

I’ve overcame a lot to be where I am today.

I was given up on early in school so I in turn also gave up. I left home at 15. I got into trouble with alcohol and drugs. I got into trouble with the law. Addiction stayed with me until what I believe was the beginning of my Ottawa Makeover.

I was off of work from Woodbine racetrack in Toronto when I came here in 2007. I met my fiancé at a horse farm here in Ottawa. Within a year I was clean and sober. Within two I was gainfully employed. Within three I found out I was going to be a father. Within four I was a Father :D. Within five I became a fiancé. Within six to seven…… I found out I was going to be a daddy for a second time. We lost the baby. I got into a car accident and missed two months of work. I finally got back to work and I ended up blowing out my back and being told by my doctor I couldn’t return.

But now…… We decided to open our own business. My fiancé is pregnant again which also means my baby girl is going to be a big sister. Things are looking up again. I think the Ottawa Makeover will help me to become the father that my children deserve and the husband my fiancé deserves.

Thank You for letting me get that off my chest……


Johan Aaron Gruntke

Some of you may not have known the last part about Tessa being pregnant again. She was two and a half months along and started to feel cramps so we had to get an ultrasound done. The ultrasound showed twins so we were ecstatic. Well the next day (after the ultrasound) I was woken up by my fiance at two a.m and told that she was bleeding profusely. We went to the hospital and again we lost the twins.

Here is a video by the Ottawa Makeover Project with pictures of all the applicants.

Anyway when I applied to the makeover project I had to go in and have an application interview. Dr.Andrea Stevens checked my teeth and did x-rays. After this I was told (as I somewhat expected) that my teeth were too far gone to be considered for this project. Even though it was somewhat expected (To be honest) I was devastated. I felt that I had worked so hard to get where I was and this project would be the last piece of the puzzle. That this contest would push me over the edge and make me into the man who I needed to be for my wife and child.

Two days after our night trip to the hospital I received an email from Dr.Stevens that said this…..

Hi Aaron,

 Thank you so much for your application for the Second Annual Ottawa Makeover Project!  We made our Participant selection this week, and are about to make the big announcement next week to introduce this year’s recipient, and we are all really excited to get started.

    As was mentioned during your personal interview with our office, you would not be selected as a participant this year.  However, your story and current personal achievement really tugged at my heartstrings, so I’ve been working a little magic behind the scenes with a great friend and wonderful colleague…and I wonder if you might be able to come back in to our office next week so we can explain to you what we have to offer. I think it’s pretty amazing…

   I immediately contacted Dr.Stevens back and we made an appointment to go in the meet her last week. I have been reading and trying to implement The Secret into my life and I thought/hoped that maybe they looked past my teeth and found me to be the most suitable contestant…….. I went in with hope.

   When I went in I went directly into Dr.Stevens office and she came in with a HUGE smile on her face. I wondered what she was scheming (LoL). She said that my story had pulled at her heart-strings and that her and one of the others (Dr.Hassan Moghadam) from the Ottawa Makeover Project had decided to help me out by offering me their services FREE of charge to completely fix my mouth…… Now I have to say that with fighting addiction for so long you kind of neglect your teeth. I must have them all replace. Yes that’s right every single one of my teeth have to be pulled and replaced. That is literally at least $10,000 worth of work covered at no cost to me. Amazing right?

   So here is the plan of action. A full mouth extraction by oral surgeon with sedation with one of two options which will be decided by Dr.Moghadam. Option 1: Immediate dentures, followed by a new set of dentures three months later. Or option 2: Four dental implants top jaw, four dental implants bottom jaw.

   I would like to take a moment to Thank Dr.Stevens and Dr.Moghadam for providing me with some of my confidence back. I would also like to congratulate the official winner of the 2014 winner of The Ottawa Makeover project Nikki Jardine-Frigon. Now please take a second to watch this video announcing the winner Makeover Project and I’d like you to follow my journey along the way…….

Congrats again to Nikki.

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