My Transformation



   Today started out with a trip to 240 Catherine for the OSEB (Ontario Self Employment Benefit program) Info session. I mean it went well and I understood everything but I did feel as if you needed a business degree to even fill out the application to get into the program. Oh and you also need 25%  of what unemployment and the government will pay you while you’re in the program which is $4,442 (Now accepting donations). I am going to give it a go though and see what comes of it and even if I don’t get in I can work on my application and apply again the nest time. I’m also going to look into other programs that are similar. Either way I’m going to get a business plan together.

If you want more info on OSEB here a link to their website:

Me at OSEB


At 3:30pm I had an appointment with the oral surgeon Dr Moghadam who will be donating his services to me. I also got to meet the videographer Eric. He will be taping my journey through oral surgery for Dr. Andrea Stevens of The Ottawa Makeover Project and I can’t wait to see the end results.

He told me he agreed with Dr. Stevens and that it would be best if I had all the teeth pulled. He asked about my past alcohol and drug use and because of that he thought it would be best if I either got an ECG or a letter from my doctor stating that she thought it would be ok for me to go under anaesthesia. We then went over some of my medical history. It went very well. I found Dr.Moghadam to be a warm colorful individual who through conversation mentioned to me that he also volunteered his services at a homeless shelter downtown.

We have two dates in mind for the surgery either November 17th or November 24th depends on staffing. I should find out the exact date tomorrow which also means I will find out the date I will QUIT SMOKING. I feel like I’ll be so sore and discombobulated that I won’t want none of that. Plus it’s all a part of My Transformation……. I know I can do it.

Check out Dr.Moghadam here:

Check out Dr.Stevens here:

Check out The Ottawa Makeover Project here:

Dentist chair


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