My Transformation

November 25th, November 25th November 25th.

November 25th, November 25th November 25th.

That’s the day I quit smoking. That’s the day I get a new mouth. That’s the day that at 3:00p.m I will go in, be put asleep and get around thirty teeth removed from my mouth. I will wake up a little dazed I’m sure but I will have a whole new set of teeth. It won’t hurt anymore if I breathe the wrong way. It won’t hurt anymore when I eat ice cream. It won’t hurt anymore if I take a sip of tea and the tea touches the wrong tooth.

Dentist chair

I’m worried but I’m excited. I’m worried because well it’s an operation. I will be put to sleep and anything can happen when you’re put under. I’m also worried because well I will be in a heck of a lot of pain for at least the first month while my gums heal. Please be good by Christmas. Please be good for Christmas.


I’m excited because I will be able to smile the smile I lost again. The HUGE smile I had when I was a kid. The smile I had before my late teenage years. The smile that returned in 2007 and seven but was covered by lips because of embarrassment.

As for the smoking. Oh my Lord where do I start……. Smoking has been in my life since I was born. My father smokes. My mother smokes. My grandfather smoked. My Oma and Opa smoked. Well you get it everyone in my life smoked.

I had my first smoke at the age of around eleven. I think we stole it from Andrew’s parents. We went across the road from his house to the park and smoked it in the bushes. I felt like such a big guy. Such a cool guy. I smoked as much as I could after that. In grade seven and eight the cool kids smoked. In grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 the badasses smoke.


Now it’s like I feel guilty when I smoke. I feel guilty because there are people out there waiting for lung transplants who never smoked a day in their life. Like my mother said “How dare I do that to myself” and she is right how dare I. The last thing I want is my baby girl to pick up the habit. She notices daddy goes outside. She knows about cigarettes already. I don’t want that life for her. A slave to a little tube filled with death.

November 25th, November 25th November 25th.

Again a HUGE Thank You and please check the people below.

Check out Dr.Moghadam here:

Check out Dr.Stevens here:

Check out The Ottawa Makeover Project here:


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