My Transformation

Wait What? Another HUGE announcement…..


School has always been very tough for me. My first memory of school was being dragged down to the principles office kicking and screaming. I was diagnosed with A.D.H.D and written off early as a “Bad Kid”. In grade five I was taken from the only school I ever knew and put into a behavioral/Learning Disability class. In grade seven they put me back in regular classes for about a month. Then back to L.D classes. As I fell further behind my disruption and my behavior grew worse and worse. I graduated grade 8 and then it was off to high school.

In high school (Western Tech) I was put right back into regular classes. I dropped further and further behind and basically stopped going to school. We tried a new city and I came to Ottawa for the first time. I went to Glebe Collegiate for about three months in my second year in grade nine. Sorry when I say I went to Glebe what I mean is I was enrolled in Glebe. I never went. When a child/teen is so far behind the rest of the class he/she get’s discouraged. They had enough of me at Glebe and I got transferred to Notre Dame (No not that Notre Dame) another high school in Ottawa. That lasted about a month and I was released from there also. Then my father moved out to the country and I ended up at South Grenville District High School. Back to regular classes. Again so far behind I never went……

At the end of that year I went back to Toronto (Always running). I then went back to Western Tech. Since this was my third year in grade nine I was put in a special class that if I went I would receive all my grade nine credits. I went and after three years in grade nine I finally received my credits. I moved around more and more. New schools more running. Picked up a credit here and there. Some how ended up in grade twelve and went enough to get the credits.

About four years ago I applied to college and one of the prerequisites was a high school diploma. I got my transcript and realized I was missing six credits so I enrolled in Adult High School very part-time. I chipped away and chipped away and last June I walked across the stage and received my High School Diploma.


Now here we are……. As most of you know I injured my back and am no longer employed. I decided I was going to start my own business. I will be opening up a food truck in Ottawa Canada in the future. Now I was in the process of gathering all the information for this. I went to an info session on Monday about getting into an unemployment program that helps entrepreneurs start their own business. Well sitting through this I realized I could dive right in and start the truck and hopefully do ok……. Or I could take a step back make sure everything is done right. That’s what I’m going to do. I have applied to Algonquin college for Culinary Skills – Chef Training. While in the course I will perfect a business plan and when I am done the course I will reapply to O.S.E.B because well it’s available to me. This is HUGE because well as I said I never had a good or easy time in school but I know now what I need to succeed and this is it.


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