My Transformation

One Week From Today


One week from today. Seven days from today. Ten thousand and eighty minutes from today. Six Hundred four thousand and eight hundred seconds. That’s how long is left till I get put under anesthesia and every single tooth in my head is going to be pulled.

Last week I went to an appointment with Dr. Andrea Stevens. When I went in I went through a relaxation exercise and they attached a bunch of electrodes to me. It was to measure movements of my jaw and to make sure that my new mouth (dentures) would fit right. We then went through the after care and did a few soundbites with my buddy Eric (The camera dude).


On Monday of this week I went in and had a ECG done with my family doctor just to make sure everything was ok in the heart department and that we could proceed with the procedure. The tech could not actually tell me the results but she said she thought everything looked normal.

I’m excited and worried. I’m anxious to get it done yet I’m starting to worry about the pain. This is not getting a tooth pulled. This is not getting your wisdom teeth out. This is a full mouth extraction.

Through all the worry I know it will be ok, I know I will be able to smile open-mouthed again like I did when I was a kid and last but not least I will have a new-found confidence that hasn’t been there in years.


I want to thank (Once again) Dr. Andrea Stevens, Dr. Hassan Moghadam, The staff at Dr. Stevens office and last but not least My Dude Eric “The Camera Man” Dotson.

Check out Dr.Stevens here:

Check out The Ottawa Makeover Project here:

Check out Dr. Moghadam here:

And if you need any camera work done Check Eric Dotson here:


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