My Transformation

Another Few Bricks In The Wall

So as many of you know I was supposed to go in and get all my teeth pulled tomorrow and outfitted with a brand new set….. Well this has been postponed for now. The oral surgeon asked for an E.C.G just to make sure my heart was ok to go under anesthesia and well something was up. Not sure what yet as they cannot discuss it over the phone but I do have an appointment with my family doctor on Thursday.

When I think about it it’s hard not to get negative but at the same time I would rather them have found something now than for me to go under and never come up again if ya know what I mean. A little disheartening but hey I loved with these rotten old chompers for the past six or seven years what’s another week or month while we figure out what’s up.

Took another little hit today when I went into get an oil change and to get my snow tires on only to find out we need new brakes which wouldn’t be an issue at all if I was gainfully employed but I am not so this is really not the greatest of times for this to be happening……. Looks like Santa just got a little slimmer this Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas we got the house decorated on the weekend and I’ll tell ya this if you’re ever feeling rough around Christmas decorate or bake or do something Christmasy (especially if you have kids) cause there is nothing more uplifting than when your child comes back from a movie with her Opa to a surprise house decorated for Christmas……. “You and Mommy are the Best Daddy”.


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