Update On My Update On Surgery


WoW…….. Ok so I just got back from pre-op and it was a bit of a disaster.

Went in, spoke to a nurse, she took my blood pressure and it was all good. I then had to go in and speak to the Anesthesiologist. We went over my medical history. Told him I was under an anesthesiologist care twice before. Once when I was real little for tonsils and another time when I was twelve and they operated on my cracked grow plate in my right wrist (If they didn’t repair the cracked growth plate one arm may have grown longer then the other…… weird right?). He asked about shortness of breath and I said only when I run from the police. He laughed. He asked about my heart and I mentioned I had an ECG done through my family Dr and that it had said “my valley’s were longer than they should be for someone my age” and we’re going to proceed with further testing in March. He then asked why the surgery wasn’t being done at oral surgeons office and I said because of the results of the E.C.G. He said Ok I’ll send you for another E.C.G right now. But unless something major comes up I think we will be ok to go ahead with the surgery.

I went up and had another E.C.G done and I was actually really impressed but how quick it all took. I went up to the sixth floor had the E.C.G done and was leaving with the results all within fifteen minutes.

Anyway the lady at the desk said thank you for the results I was good to leave but I asked her if I could speak to the Anesthesiologist about the results of the E.C.G. She said she thought he was with a patient but I could wait.She checked and he wasn’t with a patient. I went in and he said he had just got off the phone with my family doctor and that she had said she didn’t want to go ahead with the surgery until after I had the other test and that she had told me that……… Ok now I think I would remember being told that. What I remember being told was that she wanted to look into further and that she would set up other testing. I even distinctly remember me saying ok well it’s a good thing we rescheduled to have it in the hospital. I don’t know maybe I should have asked straight up, Can I have the surgery December 10th? I guess it was a miscommunication on both parts.

Oh well. Not that big of a deal right? March ninth is the date of the cardiac doppler test. Just have to wait a few months to find out I have a Wolf Heart 😉 And as far as the surgery. Everything is still a go except the date. *Fingers Crossed*


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