My Transformation

Update On School…..

“Oh back to school back to school to prove to dad that I am not a fool. I got my lunch packed up. My boots tied tight. I hope I don’t get in a fight. OOHHhh back to school……”


Just last June I walked across the stage to get my high school diploma. I went back so that I could move up at my previous job. Yeah that didn’t work out so well. What can I say I’m a thirty-four years old with the back of a sixty year old. Anyway off track….. After last June I never thought I’d go back to school. I figured I’d get on full-time at my old job and that would be that. Well that wasn’t that and here I am six months later exactly one month to the day from starting college.


I’m going to Algonquin College in Ottawa Ontario Canada and to be honest I’m excited, worried and optimistic all at the same time. I love to cook for my family so it’s a plus that I’m taking Culinary Skills Chef Training but the end game remains the same. I’m getting the training, the skills and the confidence I will need to start my own food truck business.


As a lot of other students have to do I had to apply for O.S.A.P and basically because of what we made last year I am going to get bare minimal. I reached out. I sent a few emails out to a few kitchen product companies in the Ottawa area and low a behold someone read my email. I sent the emails out early in the morning and by mid afternoon I thought I’d tweet something mentioning I hoped to get a response from one of the companies. I got a reply on the tweet reading this……….

I called the store and got a poor lady who had no idea what I was talking about but then realized “Oh you must be the gentleman dealing with Jamie” His name was Jamie Nadon and he is the……. I’m not sure exactly what he is at Grace In The Kitchen but he’s there and he’s great. I spoke to him briefly on the phone and I let him know that I could come out Friday evening after Tess got off work. He agreed to meet me at the store at six.

Six Fifteen this evening I’m calling him from a McDonald’s on Lord knows where cause my poor baby girl was just stuck on Highway 417 bumper to pumper talking about almost peeing her pants (we made it by the way). GPS saved me and we were there five minutes later.


I walk into a beautiful store full of all kinds of excitement for the senses. The first thing out of the baby girls mouth is “Daddy I don’t like that smell in my nose”. “Shhhh baby it’s just the spices”. I saw the lady at the counter and she directed me to Jamie. I went over and we started speaking like we had known each other for years. Jamie said the staff had put together a bag for me to get me started at college and grabbed it for me. He then introduced me to his lovely wife Erika and his baby not so baby girl Carly who proceeded to give my baby girl a gift. A Webkinz stuffed cat Violet called piggy. Violet loved it.

Thank you to everyone at Grace In The Kitchen. Your support is and was greatly appreciated.


Everyone please check out Grace In The Kitchen Here…..





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