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Updates All Around…..


As many of you know I was supposed to go in and have surgery tomorrow to get a new mouth (teeth pulled and dentures). But that was put on hold due to something being found on an E.C.G. Well my dentist (Andrea Stevens) contacted my family doctor last week and found out what was going on…….. sort of. It may be an enlarged heart. We won’t find out what is going on until they run some more tests. One of these tests was supposed to be preformed on March ninth, well I call The Heart Institute yesterday and told them about my issue (surgery and my mouth full of infection) and they moved the test up to Tomorrow. Now this is a real good thing cause we can find out what’s going on, get my teeth pulled and get rid of the infection in my mouth that has been festering for years (No wonder I’m always somewhat sick).

I need to send out a HUGE shout-out to Stephie Lynne (A Twitter/Facebook Homegirl) who has been so darn optimistic and supportive through this whole process and who no matter what my issue is she always seems to have the right thing to say so I do not worry. Plus she’s part Dutch and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.


As for school….. Last week I received a generous gift from the wonderful people at Grace In The Kitchen consisting of equipment needed to start my chef’s course at college. This seems to have set the wheels in motion and I’ve been contacted by (Once again) Andrea Stevens asking about the remaining things needed for my course. I’m not sure what’s going on there but she seems to have friends in real high places so I’m sure it’s nothing but goodness.


I also had a meeting yesterday at the Y.M.C.A regarding an unemployment program called Second Career where basically unemployment will pay for my college and my unemployment will keep going while I’m in school. This program would be great because it would mean I could focus on school. But I have confirmation on O.S.A.P in case this program does not come through.


One more person to shout-out and her name is Jade Racicot. She owns Golden Fries and the Grilled Cheeserie food trucks. She also grew up with my fiance and has been so helpful with answering question based on my goal of becoming a food truck owner. She also says that come March/April she will be able to help me out with a job in her food trucks which will help me gain experience in the field that I will be going into.

Thank You All So Much For Being So Supportive Of Me and My Goals.

Please support all the people above by following the links below and supporting them also…..

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The Ottawa Makeover Project Website:

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Stephie Lynne:

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Grace In The Kitchen:




Jade Racicot:

Golden Fries Website:

Golden Fries Twitter:

Golden Fries Facebook:

Look for her other accounts too…..


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