My Transformation

Updates on All and A Merry Christmas

A band called Staind once sung “It’s Been Awhile”………. and it has been awhile hasn’t it?


Like most of you at this time of year I’ve been real busy. Trying to get everything straight for school and Christmas, going for “Breakfasts with Santa”, running all over the city trying to figure out what’s up with the old ticker (My heart), grabbing up some last-minute Christmas gifts, getting everything together for O.S.A.P and getting my application together for “Second Career”.

Well all of that’s done so here is an update on all fronts…..


We’ll start with my heart. As you know I had an issue with an ECG test I got done. It said that my “valleys” were longer then they should be for someone my age. We had to postpone my oral surgery to make sure my heart was in working order. Anyway after about six appointments, three separate ECG’s and a Doppler cardiogram it has been decided that my heart is in fine working order and that we can proceed with the oral surgery. My immediate reaction was what a waste of time but on second thought I guess you could say it was all part of the journey. The surgery will now happen as soon as there is an opening but we’re trying to make it for a long weekend so as not to miss any school.


Speaking of school….. I applied for a program through unemployment called “Second Career” where basically they pay for your college/retraining. It was a hectic application process where basically they needed a ton of information in around two weeks. I handed in to my “Employment Specialist” who was pleasantly surprised that I managed to get it done in two weeks because other people have had a hard time getting it done in a month or more. When I asked her opinion on my chances she said that she will recommend that I be accepted and that she thought I would be a perfect applicant for the project. Just in case I don’t get into that program I also applied for O.S.A.P.

Now after I had handed in all my paper work for O.S.A.P my sister in-law Gillian sent me a message asking if I mentioned my A.D.H.D/learning disability….. I said that I hadn’t because I was diagnosed in 1987 or 1988. She directed me to speak with The Center for Students with Disabilities at the college so I did. They are in the process of trying to get documentation either from the school board or my family doctor stating my disability. This would be great for me because it would give me a bit more funding per semester and other help where needed. What’s really great is if they don’t get any documentation they could possibly reassess me but that could open up a new can of worms….. LoL


I went in last week and met with Dr.Andrea Stevens again to get my dentures in case they call me in for the surgery on short notice. She also surprised me with a little package containing a set of measuring spoons and a cash donation she had received from one of her many connections. So for the person who made the donation of spoons and cash Thank You so very much and when I get my Food Truck up and running come by for a Kroket.

Thank You All For Following Me On This Journey, A Merry Christmas And A Happy Holidays To All.

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