My Transformation

A Friend Of Mine…..

Andrew & Sons 1

He is self taught.

He does his own taxes, book-keeping, advertising, design and labour.

He does it all.

He never got a loan or a credit card.

He has/had a full wood shop worth $7000-$8000.

He was actually co-hosting a benefit (for Cancer) when he got the call about his sons diagnosis (with Leukemia).

He has/had a growing inventory and tools.

The supplies, furniture and priceless antiques are/were his bread and butter.

—–> A friend of mine needs your help….. Not sure what shape or form but he needs a break. I met Andrew Barber in Brockville Ontario about 15 years ago and when I left we lost touch. Recently (via Facebook) we reconnected and I’ve been a fan of what he’s done and how far he’s come. Now he’s having a real tough time.

He became a carpenter after I left Brockville. He also had a son and recently opened a business in Kingston Ontario called Barber & Sons Residential (A furniture/upholstery and paint shop(He doesn’t sell paint he paints himself) …….

Andrew & Sons 2

And then things got tough. About three months ago his son was diagnosed with Leukemia (which means at least two years of intense Chemo). Andrew has shared custody of his son with his ex and for the sake of his child he has stayed positive. He’s been raising money with the help of his son’s school for the Children’s Cancer Fund at Kingston General Hospital. (Here’s that story —–>

Andrew & Sons 3

He recently got burned when buying a delivery truck when the truck (after having it for only a while) blew a gasket. He proceeded to mention that it wasn’t his mechanics fault even though his mechanic was the one who inspected it for him before he bought it. Such a positive man.

Three days ago things got worse. His five month old new family truck broke down.

Andrew & Sons 4

Yesterday things got even worse still….. A water main at the corner of Princess and Sir John A ruptured and subsequently flooded his (less than a year old) business ( He called the city of Kingston and they said they were going to drop off a sub pump but after waiting for hours Andrew took it upon his self to go out and get three of his own. Understandably he is having a very tough time dealing with this. Because of situations beyond his control he did not have insurance but (of course) was literally in the process of obtaining some (He was supposed to meet with an insurance agent next week). He also did not ask me to write this in fact when I told him I wanted to his exact words were “Sure, I’m not one to accept handouts but I’m running out of hope.”

Andrew & Sons 5

I’m not sure what we can do for him but please let’s get this story out and get him whatever help whoever can provide….. I know what it’s like to be at the end of your rope and he’s there.

If you’d like to help you can contact me (613) 304-6309 and I will put you in touch with him or you can contact him directly via phone: (613) 929-0557 or his Facebook page:


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