My Transformation

The day has come….. Surgery and Updates.


Just got confirmation as of 1:47 p.m. today that my intake for surgery tomorrow is at 11:15 a.m. and the actual surgery is at 1:15 p.m. I’m not going to lie I’m a little freaked out but at the same time I know that the all-around end result will be way better than the abscessed pain in the mouth life I have been living the last few years.


School is going really well and after last semester I am officially an A average student (1st time in my life I can say that and to be honest I’m really proud). I found going back to school extremely hard in the first few weeks and my A.D.D/Anxiety/No Confidence shone through. But as the semester progressed and as I kept getting good mark after good mark my confidence grew and grew. I’m not going to lie and say I made no mistakes I made a ton of them but I learned from each one and that is what I am there for.


I’ve met some real decent………. Ok awesome people during my time at Algonquin so far and I hope the rest of this semester is as successful as last semester.

Anyway I side track. I made a little Thank You video for some of the people who help me along the way and here it is.


As a refresher for first time readers……….

After a real tough year I stumbled upon a Life Makeover contest called The Ottawa Makeover Project. After the initial interview/dental appointment I was told I could not be considered because of the amount of work that was needed to fix my teeth which was completely understandable.

Two days after getting some more devastating news I got an email from Dr. Stevens (The Mastermind Behind The Ottawa Makeover Project) saying we have some amazing news come to the office. I went and she told me that she had arranged to have all the work done on my teeth free of charge. I would need to get all my teeth pulled. WoW. But in the end I would have a brand new set of teeth (dentures also covered) and No more pain. So Dr. Stevens arraigned for the oral surgery and we did all kinds of measurements and tests on my jaw, my teeth and my bite for the dentures.

This started my new journey. I decided I wanted to be my own boss and work for myself but that I would need some training first. I enrolled and am currently in the Culinary Arts: Chef Training Program at Algonquin College. I have an A average and after it is done I plan on applying for an entrepreneur program through the government. I’m also gaining back my confidence and self-worth through this whole process.

Check out Dr. Moghadam here:

 Check out Dr.Stevens here:

Check out The Ottawa Makeover Project here:


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