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Daron’s Story: The story of one little boys struggle with school

***** Names May Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent *****

“Stay positive and keep fighting good things will come”.

Now we all have our own battles we need to overcome so I’d like to tell you a little story about a little boy who overcame so much to get where he is today. His name is “Daron” and I’ve known him my whole life.

1 Boy with Ball

There once was a little boy named ……….. Daron. Now Daron was a great little boy so full of potential. That was until he started school.

Daron’s first memory of school was being dragged down to the principal’s office in kindergarten. After that Daron got labelled a bad child. He got put into a particularly rough teacher’s class in grade one and three and every day after class Daron had a detention. He also remembers one time when the class had a quiet time and Daron spoke….. The teacher called him to the front of the class and spanked him in front of the whole class.

2 Sad Boy

As time went on Daron played the role he was handed. That of class clown and all around bad child even though he wasn’t that and by grade four he was medicated. He went away one March break to stay with his grandmother and she said that with the medication Daron was a Zombie so she took him off the med’s. He went back to school after the March break and trouble ensued.

A year later his mother was told if he didn’t go into to “special classes” he would fail grade five. So onto the short school busses he went to a new school with a “special” class. Now he was labelled an L.D. L.D stands for learning disability. I personally don’t believe Daron had a learning disability I just think Daron learned differently from other children. He passed grade five and was sent to a new school for grade six.

3 Grade 6

He was shuffled along from “special” class to “special” class until he finally graduated from grade 8.

On to High School for Daron but when Daron was a child there was no “special” help for kids with issues in high school so he fell further and further behind. He then started skipping classes because he felt like he had no clue what was going on in his classes. At the end of grade nine he failed all of his classes because he stopped going altogether.

4 Teenager

Daron failed grade nine a second and a third time because he never went to school and finally they put him in another special program because he was too old to be in grade nine. Basically the class was “if you showed up you got all your grade nine credits”. He did and he finally got his grade nine credits.

Time for grade ten. Again Daron was so far behind the other kids that he never went and dropped out of school completely. This is when real troubles started in his personal life and he left home. He bounced from friend’s house to friend’s house and finally he got a room of his own with student welfare. After getting his cheques and paying his rent he had $17 a month left for everything else so he started getting into real trouble so he could survive. Theft, shoplifting charges and things of that nature were in his future now and by the time Aar…… Daron was twenty-four he had done over two years’ worth of jail time.

5 Behind Bars

Finally after his last charge he decided enough was enough and moved back to his home town to work at a racetrack with thoroughbred racehorses. He loved this job and was there every day working ten to twelve hours a day doing really well. And then he found alcohol, drugs and gambling. All he thought about was his past and how messed up it was so he started self medicating. Daron lost 4 years of his life to this issue.

He moved to the capital of the country to get away from said issues but of course they don’t just go away they followed. He spent the next year battle said demons and working odd jobs here and there. He got a job at a horse farm where he met the Love of his life and savior his fiancé.

6 Proposing

His fiancé was starting college in September and as a unit they decided to get clean and quit the drugs. They did and Daron got a job at a well-known retail store.

During his fiancé’s last year in college Daron and his fiancé found out they were going to have a baby. On January 30th 2011 they had her. A beautiful healthy baby girl.

7 father-holding-baby-in-air-silhouette

At some point during the next few years he tried to get his brother-in-law a job at the same store but during the interview they asked his brother-in-law if he had his high school education and his brother-in-law said “No, you need high school to work here?”. The supervisor immediately came to me and asked if I had mine to which I replied “No”. A high school diploma was required to work at this specific retail store.

After some begging and pleading Daron got his job to let him stay but only if he completed high school. So he went to the nearest adult high school to see what they had to say. He found out that during his time in and out of school in the past he had somehow managed to get sixteen high school credits and that because he was out of school for so long they were going to grant him ten more credits they called maturity credits. He was amazed. He did they math and that meant he only needed four more credits to graduate high school.

9 Grad

He continued to work full-time and managed to get his last four high school credits within about a year and a half. During this time Daron’s fiancé got pregnant again and they were ecstatic. About four and a half months into the pregnancy Daron got a call at work that his fiancé was bleeding and that he should go to her work and pick her up. He did and they went to emergency. They lost the baby.

They were devastated but kept it together for the sake of their first child. Life went on and in June of last year Daron walked across the stage and got his High School diploma. A month after that they found out they were pregnant again but after two months his fiancé started to get cramps and they lost this one too. It was as if they knew this would happen and had prepared themselves for it.

A promotion was coming up at work so Daron worked hard and kept positive and was sure he was going to get the promotion but life is hard sometimes and while cleaning up his yard he threw his back out. His doctor told him he shouldn’t return to his previous place of employment because he had ongoing back issues and with all the heavy lifting at his job he would surely keep injuring himself.

So he decided he was going to own his own business but when he went into the bank to find out what he needed to secure a loan for his business he was told more experience in the field and possibly an education……. Now that scared the crap out of him because well he never really did well in school but he was determined to start this business.

11Last but not least

He is currently enrolled in college and has a A average and he still plans on opening his own business. He is in the process of figuring out how to write a business plan and I’m sure that if Daron keeps up all his hard work he will succeed at getting his business off the ground.

“Stay positive and keep fighting good things will come”.


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