***** First and foremost if you’re having some serious serious issues and you live in Ontario call 1-866-531-2600 that is the Ontario Government’s Mental Health Line. You can also visit them online here *****


I don’t claim to be a psychiatrist, psychologist or a social worker but my ear is always open.


You can contact me in numerous spots…..




You can get ahold of me most time’s of the day and all messages go straight to my phone so don’t be shy…..



One thought on “Contact

  1. I want you to know something (I know I have given you cards and told you) that I am very PROUD of YOU!
    Pat yourself on the back, stick out your chest and walk tall because you deserve it. You’ve come a long way baby!
    I knew you were special way back when you were born (I know all mom’s say that but in your case it was true!) and as life went on you proved it was true. You always kept me busy. There was never time for moss to grow under my feet with you around. At times it wasn’t easy for you or me (family members included), but we all made it through in one piece. Hallelujah!
    Your pieces are coming together perfectly because of you and what you are working towards plus your beautiful family and especially my beautiful Violet. I know that some of the pieces aren’t fitting together exactly as you would like (Dr.Stevens here: but they will come together when the time is right. The newest piece of the puzzle is fantastic (Jamie Nadon and his staff here: news and extremely helpful for you right now. So keep on doing what your doing because it seems to be working very well for you.
    A big shout out to all those who are helping my son along the “highway of life” but mostly a big shout out to you Aaron because you are making magic happen. Abracadabra. Love you.

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