My Present



My present is filled with hope.

Hope for the future.

I am working on myself.


Things I am Thankful For:

My Fiancé

My Daughter

My Mother and Father

My Nanny

My In-Laws

My time with Oma, Opa and Grandfather

My Aunts and Uncles

My Cousins

My Friends

All The Support I’ve received since I started this blog

I’m thankful for Dr.Andrea Stevens and The Ottawa Makeover Project for helping me along my path to change.

I’m thankful for what Grace in the Kitchen put together for me.

That I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my families belly.

I`m most thankful that I`m not who or where I used to be.

This will be updated frequently so check back…..


Check out Dr.Stevens here:

Check out The Ottawa Makeover Project here:

Check out Grace In The Kitchen here:


To Be Continued…..


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